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'My lesson was just fabulous. He restored my confidence, and gave me an abundance of ideas of how to improve and how to practise.  Actually it was life-changing.'
Annabelle attended for the 1st time for just one day in 2018

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This year we welcome many new teachers to the faculty from all corners of the world. It is a very rare opportunity to hear so much inspirational teaching and performing from many of the world's leading pianists and teachers - all gathered under one roof.
The piano course is open to all ages of participants who wish to select teachers, and are playing at a level from approximately ABRSM grade 6.

Participants on the piano course will be assigned a personal teacher or teachers for the duration of the course. They will receive intensive individual lessons totalling three hours, spread out over the course and will be part of a class of between four eight students. There will be opportunities to receive further feedback and guidance  in the group performance workshops given by the teacher throughout the week, as well as the chance to perform in the student recitals.

 With such an inspiring faculty under one roof, many will want to take the opportunity to have lessons with several teachers. Please indicate your preferences on the application form.

NB Pianists of ABRSM grade 5 or below can choose either the Adult amateur course or the young pianist course, depending on age.