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Application Forms

Uploading A File

To add a file to the server use the browse function to locate it on your PC, and then click the Submit button. If you upload a file with the same name as an existing one it will overwrite it.

If no resource record exists for the uploaded file one will be created. If no title is supplied the resource's  title will be the file name. (This can be changed later using the Update Resources function.) The resource's read access will be that selected using the read access drop down list. The uplaoded file will appear on your home page is Add To Home Page is set to yes.

Upload File Types

The following types of file can be upload:

Image Files: jpg, gif and png
Document Files: pdf, doc and rtf
Audio: mp3

The use of 'doc' types files is not recommended because this a  proprietary format.

Image file sizes are restricted to 100KB.
Document and audio files are limited to 1 megabyte.


It is recommended that you to set the resolution of the image to 72dpi. Pictures off digital cameras are usually at a much higher resolution which is a waste on a computer monitor. We suggest you optimise the jpg in programmes such as Photoshop using the Save for Web menu. This will allow you to find the best compromise between size and quality.