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Daily Tuition Schedule

(Friday 18 - Tuesday 22nd  and Thursday 24th- Monday 28th inclusive)

Emma Ruth Richards 9am-11am - Teaching Session 1
11am-11.30am - Coffee
11.30am-1.30pm - Teaching Session 2
12.45pm-2.15pm - Lunch
2.30pm-4.30pm - Teaching Session 3

Students will each be assigned a personal teacher or teachers for the duration of the course. They will receive one to one lessons totalling three hours, over the five days of teaching, and will be part of a class totalling around four-eight students. All teachers will also give several group workshops for their class of students - an ideal opportunity for performance and discussions.

There will be opportunities to perform in the student recitals which take place throughout the course, as well as recording opportunities.

All of the tuition on the summer school is open to observers, and participants will be able to listen to lessons from as many other tutors on the course as they wish.

Additional lessons can be booked if participants wish to have lessons with several of the many outstanding members of the faculty.  Please see the application form for details.