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Participants on the Summer School can enrol on just one course or take advantage of the many different courses and faculty. It is possible to book extra lessons on all courses (to a maximum of 6 hours for each course)

Piano course

Participants on the piano course will be assigned a personal teacher/s for the duration of the course. They will receive individual o n e – t o - o n e lessons totalling three hours, spread out over the five days of teaching, and will be part of a class of between four – eight students. It is possible to receive lessons from several different teachers on the piano course, which can be helpful in particular to more advanced pianists. Please contact the administrator for further information. More...

Young Pianists

This course is aimed at the younger pianist, of grade 5 or below.  Regular workshops with other young pianists of a similar ability covering issues such as scales, sight reading, technical studies and aural will be scheduled every day. More..

Adult Amateur

The Adult Amateur course has proved very popular with enthusiastic adult amateurs. The daily workshops are very popular with all and are additional to the three hours of  intense individual tuition that is part of the course. For 2016 the workshops will be held in two venues to accommodate the growing numbers on the course. More...

Trinity Diploma exams

Introduced for the first time in 2015 we are thrilled to announce that participants can again apply to take a Trinity College London Diploma or Certificate qualification at Chetham’s at the end of their course.
Trinity’s exams, established in 1877, are taken in over 60 countries throughout the world.
They are officially recognised by conservatoires, universities and employers as an international benchmark of quality.
The exams will take place on the final day of each part (August18th and 24th). More

Theory Course

New in 2014, the theory course offers an invaluable opportunity to receive inspired advice on theory from grade 3 to diploma level. Theory knowledge is of vital importance in the development of pianists and musicians at any stage and any age. This course offers daily classes. more....

Musical Analysis Course

This unique course offers intense individual lessons for anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of musical analysis.


The long awaited Piano Duet Course gives the opportunity to study the wonderful repertoire for four hands in detail during three hours of lessons. Many of the faculty have great experience in this area and will offer thought provoking and practical help in perfecting the challenges unique to duettists. More...


Participants who wish to study Composition will have individual lessons, workshops and performance opportunities.

You can be either a complete beginner or an advanced student to apply for this course. More...


Students may  study jazz piano with Internationally acclaimed performers and teachers - Nikki Iles, Harry Harris, Steve Berry and Les Chisnall.  There will be intense individual study, group workshops and opportunities for performance during the week. More...


The Improvisation course offers the unique opportunity to develop extemporising skills under the guidance of some of the world’s leading authorities on keyboard improvisation. There will also be opportunities to perform.


The Organ course was introduced in 2008 and will be lead by Christopher Stokes who  was appointed Organist & Master of the Choristers of Manchester Cathedral in 1996.  Christopher  is head of Organ Studies at Chetham’s School of Music. If you have always wanted to try the organ then why not book in for a one hour trial lesson? more...


This exciting new course was introduced in 2012 and will be led this year by Charlotte Turner on part one. If you have always wanted to try the harpsichord then why not book in for a one hour trial lesson? more...


Fluent and effortless sight reading is the key to understanding and coping with the music you play.  If you want to  assimilate enjoy and flourish  as a pianist, you need to be a good reader.  Take this new course under the guidance of Hazel Fanning and gain confidence in this essential technique. more