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Application Forms

Your Web Pages

You have your own home page, and can create any number of other web pages. These other pages are classified as General, Blog Entry, News Item or Article.

As well as web pages you can create resources. A resource is a Picture, Download File, Web links  or a Video Link. Once created a resource can be attached to a web page.

Home Page Data

The control panel gives you access to a number of forms that allow you to update your home page data.

Managing Your Image and Resource Files

You use the Manage Your Image and Resource Files facility to upload to the server the images and download files that you want to use on your pages. It can also be used to delete these files from the server.

When a file is uploaded a resource record is automatically created for it. You can choose choose whether to add  this resource to your home page.

More information can be found on the file upload help page.

Creating And Updating Web Page

The Create A Web Page and Update Web Pages functions allow you to add and maintain additional web pages.

Creating And Updating  Resources

The Create A Resource function allows you to create new resource records. When a file is uploaded a resource record is created for it, so for picture and download file resources this function is not normally required. However, it is required to create video link and web link resources.

The Update Resources functions allow you to add and maintain all types of resource.

Resource On The Home Page

Each resource record has an Add To Home Page option, which if set to 'Yes' adds the resource to the home page.

Resource On Other Web Pages

Use the web page update function to add resources other web pages.  (It can also be used to remove resources from web page.)

Private, Member and Public Data

Your data is divided into Private Data, Member Data and Public Data. The Private Data is not shown to other users (unless you give them access to your control panel.) The Member Data is only shown to other members. The Public Data is shown to all visitors to the site.


On the preferences page you can suspend your home page from the site.