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Sightreading Course

piano_music.jpgFluent and effortless sight reading is the key to understanding and coping with the music you play.  If you want to  assimilate enjoy and flourish  as a pianist, you need to be a good reader.  This is true  at every  level.  Sadly beginners, intermediate, advanced and even concert artist players commonly struggle to come to terms with this essential area of study. Lack of confidence, know how and co-ordination can make sight reading a nightmare. Not any more!

In this new and exciting course, expert teachers will take pianists of all abilities and show them how to cope, enjoy and flourish as a sight reader. Do not miss this exceptional  opportunity to turn your life around in three half hour sessions!.

The basic course comes with three lessons of half an hour. If you would like to book additional lessons please mark the application form ( maximum two extra lessons of 30 minutes).