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Piano Teacher Performance Course
August 15 - 21

Now that Iíve had time for it all to sink in,   and to recover from two weeks of dazzling inspiration, I wanted to say what a fantastic and wonderful time I had this summer, and how Iím so impressed with the scale and sheer quality of the course youíve created.

There was so much to learn and benefit from, and I know Iím not alone in returning home with a completely reinvigorated approach to playing piano - even after a lifetime of delight in this wonderful instrument and indeed, twenty years of attending other summer courses.
Thank you so much for this amazing experience and everything youíve created.  I canít wait to return next year.

John W

In 2018 a new Piano Teacher Performance course was established. This is run on the same basis as all Summer School courses and will have a minimum of three hours one-to-one piano lessons plus workshops. Unique to this course - Participants will be allocated a scheduled performance time at the end of the week in order to perform a short programme of their own choosing. They will receive a professional written assessment by a member of the summer school faculty as well as certificate of attendance

This course and the new Piano Teacher Course (part two)  provide invaluable continuing professional development (CPD) for piano teachers.

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