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New Piano Teachers’ Courses Announced for August 2018
17 - 23rd August

We are delighted to announce an all-encompassing Piano Teachers Course on the Chetham’s International Summer School and Festival for Pianists for 2018.  This exciting new course for teachers promises to offer inspiration to everyone. The emphasis will be on positive encouragement, with a realisation that principles of teaching can and indeed should be applied for every level of student, whether they be beginners or advanced players at conservatoire.

The course will begin with a day of simultaneous learning from the renowned composer, writer, educator, performer and teacher Paul Harris.  Paul’s huge success with his many publications for Faber Music (including ‘Improve Your Sight Reading’) has been extraordinary.  His pedagogical wisdom, inspiration and organisation skills, as well as his deep sensitivity as an educator, will be invaluable and set a wonderful opening to the course.

Throughout the course Murray McLachlan will give clinics in piano technique, bringing principles and approaches to pianism that can and should be applied by teachers when working with students at every level.  His approach will be based on his highly successful piano technique books (published by Faber. The first of these books ‘Foundations of Technique’ has already been reprinted four times since it first appeared in 2014).

Margaret Murray McLeod
will be responsible for daily sessions dealing with teaching baroque, classical, romantic and modern repertoire at every level from beginner piano through grade 1-8 and advanced. As a senior examiner for ABRSM she has also lectured and conducted workshops and teachers’ seminars extensively both at home and abroad, travelling to Ireland, Malta, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and New Zealand. Her contributions to the ABRSM Teaching Notes have been greatly valued for over a decade.

There will also be a progressive daily series of group lessons on the Kodály method. Scheduled into the week are sessions on Dalcroze, Alexander technique, Dance, Improvisation, keyboard harmony and composition.  We are thrilled that the outstanding pedagogue, pianist and author of ‘The Perfect Wrong Note’ William Westney will be on hand to give presentations, lectures and advice to participants on the course.   Other outstanding contributors already booked to attend include such well known figures as Andrew Higgins, Sharon Goodey, Hans-Günter Heumann and Dina Parakhina. We look forward in particular to learning from their great experiences in pedagogy, especially in regard to dealing with beginner pianists.  It will be insightful to learn about the Russian School as well as about Schott’s new piano course and contrast both approaches with ‘Playing with Colour’ and creativity with the early grade music via improvisation. 

 Additionally, and perhaps most importantly of all, there will be daily opportunities for all participants to refine and develop their own piano teaching experience. Participants will be encouraged to bring along a portfolio of their teaching career and experiences to date at the beginning of the course.  There will be many opportunities to watch experienced tutors on the summer school in action.  This will officially be timetabled throughout the course so that teaching at all levels can be scheduled.  There will also be daily assignments set (some written, some verbal) which will be assessed and marked by tutors on the course.   Additionally, there will be small discussion groups and opportunities for feedback as well as more general question and answer sessions.  All participants will receive a large bundle of teaching aids and books on arrival and this is included in the course fee.  Included in the package will be books from publishers including Faber, Schott and Alfred.  On the final morning of the course participants will be invited to teach a pupil under observation, after which they will receive detailed feedback. 

The Piano Teachers course will be scheduled for the first week of the Chetham’s Summer School and run from 17-23 August 2018.

Take a look at the exciting proposed timetable HERE

View the tutor biographies HERE

This course and the new  Piano Teacher Performance Course (part two) provide invaluable continuing professional development (CPD) for piano teachers.

We are delighted to offer an opportunity for both Associate members of EPTA UK and non-members to upgrade or join as Professional members of EPTA UK – the leading association exclusively for pianists, teachers and aspiring teachers.

For further information on membership requirements and benefits please contact the administrator Carole Booth on

At the end of the course the tutors will give recommendations based on the responses which participants have shown in their teaching, assignments (part one) and playing (part two). The playing requirements for full membership status may also be submitted for consideration via YouTube or Recordings, after the course ar at a later date. This will supplement existing CV’s and teaching portfolios.  Recommendations for full membership of EPTA UK can then be made to the management committee.
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