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Marcella Crudeli

Marcella Crudelli is considered one of the most distinguished Italian concert performers. Significant contributions to her artistic formation were made by illustrious Maestros B. Seidlhofer, A. Cortot and C. Zecchi. She graduated with Honours (top grades), cum laude and with special mention at the Milan Conservatorium “G. Verdi”, at the Salzburg Mozarteum and Vienna Academies. For many years she has most successfully pursued an intense career as soloist and as a member of world-renown chamber music ensembles, for major concert societies, radio and television networks and with the most prestigious orchestras directed by famous conductors. Overall, she has performed over two thousand concerts in more than eighty different countries in five continents. She has held seminars, master classes and advanced courses of piano interpretation in various countries. She has constantly been a member of juries in national and international piano competitions, also covering the role of chairwoman, and she has performed and recordered for various musical recording companies. Currently, she is holding an advanced piano course at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris “A. Cortot”. She has been professor of piano at the Conservatorium “S. Cecilia” in Rome and director of the Pescara Conservatorium from 1988 to 2004. Consolidating her world-wide level acquired artistic status, a highly-qualified international jury conferred upon her one of the Prizes of the 8th Edition of “Il Sagittario d’Oro”, never before awarded to an Italian soloist-concert pianist. Furthermore, two prizes were bestowed upon her in the Protomoteca Hall of Rome’s City Hall: the “A. Ristori” Prize, reserved to Italian and foreign women who have achieved particular dinstinction in the fields of labour, art and culture and the “Cimento d’Oro dell’Arte e della Cultura” Prize in the “Culture and Music” section. She was also awarded the “Palestrina” Prize. Moreover, for her activity as performer and her direction of the Pescara Conservatorium “L. D’Annunzio”, she was awarded the “Europa 1989” Prize in the Protomoteca Hall of Rome’s City Hall and the “Progetto Donna” Prize in Pescara. She is founder and president of the Association EPTA-Italy (European Piano Teachers Association) and is founder and president of the “F. Chopin” Association which organizes concerts, international music courses of advanced piano playing and interpretation, as well as the International Piano Competition “Rome”, which has been held since 1990 with great success. She was elected President of the European EPTA in 1995-96 and in 2003-2004. In 1993 she was awarded “Professor Emeritus” at the Sakuyo College Tsuyama in Japan. In the same year she was awarded the DISMA “A life for a musical instrument” Prize at the “Bocconi” University in Milan. She also received the “Lions d’Oro” Prize for her High Artistic and Humanistic merits. In 1999 she was nominated “Cavaliere al Merito” of the Italian Republic and in 2007 “Commendatore della Repubblica”; in 2003 she has also received the gold medal and the first class diploma for the “Praiseworthy in the fields of education, culture and art” by the President of the Republic. Rotary Club International has conferred upon her the famous “Paul Harris Fellow Two Rubies” Award, for her distinguished artistic and humanitarian service.